My New Life – Part 2

Life has a funny way of changing when  you lease expect it.  You are going along minding your own business when suddenly you are looking around feeling a little lost.  This isn’t my life, you ponder, what happened?

This is how I felt today.  I’m going along doing one thing from my to do list and then another.  Then I look up and I’m at a soccer field.  How’d I get here?  And who are these little people that keep calling me mom?

Okay, so I know who the little people are.  They are my dollies.  Still, life seems to have changed so quickly.  I’m the “soccer mom”.  I’m carting my kids to sports and sitting in all sorts of weather to support my children’s physical, mental, and social growth.  I will boil, bake, drown, freeze, and cheer while doing so.  I will then go home and wash uniforms for the next game where we will do it all over again.  And don’t get me wrong, I will do it for my girls because I want to be a good mommy.  That is all I ever wanted…to be a good mommy.  And yet, I’m looking around wondering how did I get to this point?

I have a minivan.  My daughters are in baseball and soccer.  I have 2.5 children (Andy is the 0.5 – some days even more)  I also care for 2 cats, 2 fish, and a pet gerbil.  I’m slowly becoming that stereotypical “soccer mom” or “stay-at-home mom”.  The only difference is that I can’t seem to fit into the large group of “soccer/stay-at-home moms”

Tonight as we were standing around at Kalli’s soccer practice there were a few moms over to the side all chatting about where their children are in academics and socially.  I was standing there thinking to myself how I don’t fit into that group.  I’m an outsider when it comes to….that sort of group of people.  I’ve always felt a little like this and I’m not sure how to make the feeling go completely away.

For now, I’ll just focus one figuring out how my life got to this point.  A mini-van??  Soccer and Baseball??  2.5 children??  A husband that loves me for me??  Yeah….my life is rough.

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