Happy Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day.

I spent my morning being woken up by a call from my girls wishing me a ‘happy mothers day’ and then we hung out at my mom’s for a while.

Next we went home and everyone helped clean up. Andy cut grass, kalli dusted, Cassie cleaned her gerbils cage, and I did dishes and made lunch/dinner. We then had Andy’s parents over for a late lunch/ early dinner as we have no idea what to get his mom for mother’s day.

For my mom, I’m paying some towards her plants for this summer.

Every year my mom and I go to a lawn and garden center where we purchase flowers for planting and soil/fertilizer. Once paid for we load up flowers and head to pick up the soil. Now here is the thing – the bags are really flippin’ heavy. Also, my mom and I always get a good case of the giggles while trying to heft those extremely heavy bags. It makes for cheap etertainment for anyone who may be watching. Try to imagine it. Lifting heavy bags…the two of us…each holding a side…laughing at each other and ourselves…almost dropping bags of dirt, while trying not to hurt ourselves or make a mess. Yeah, it’s a good time.

I’m looking forward to this year even though this year will be different. My mom will be standing, but may be favoring one leg over the other. I will be trying not to use my sore abdominal muscles…by lifting or laughing. This should make for some awesome entertainment. I should sell tickets and make some money off our “show”.

For my Mother’s day gift the girls and Andy will be paying for and helping with my putting in the garden and flower beds. It is what I really wanted and am thrilled to be getting. Although the best part of my day was hearing the girls wish me a happy mother’s day over the phone and recieving their homemade cards.

Hope you also had a wonderful day!

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