Trying to set up a meeting

So today I received an email from my friend, Becky, and she gave me a wonderful idea.

She said that I should sit down and have a meeting with the BPAP (body parts against Paula) and see if we could come to some kind of agreement with terms and rules.

I’m thinking that my proposal to the BPAP will be…I’ll take care of you and take you places.  And in ex change the BPAP will  give in and be nicer to me…keeping unheart and suck (alright, I was falling asleep and therefore I have no idea why I typed that.  I just want to not hurt and I don’t want to pull a muscle just because I decide to exercise some.

I’m now going to take my body to bed…heavy eyes, sore abdomen, and all.

PS.  Working on a post for tomorrow that won’t be about my tiredness or pains.

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