We’re off to see the wizard

Tomorrow we head to Milwaukee for yet another visit with the cast people.

The casters?  The casting folks?  I don’t know what else to call them.  Other then the lovely people that we have been visiting every other week for…too long now.  And while I’ve enjoyed our time together, I have to say that I’m hoping this visit is different.  By different, I mean that I’m hoping after the cast is off we will get to see the actual doctor and he will look at the foot and say that everything looks good and we will head home without a cast on.  And of course by ‘we’ I mean Cassie.  I don’t want a cast, thankyouverymuch.

The reason for the series of casting is to stretch out Cassie’s heal cord and hopefully prevent the need for another surgery to lengthen the cord.  We have gone this route before and it has worked.  In the past, however, these casting have been done here in town.  Due to the lack of a pediatric orthopedic doctor in town we have to drive 2+ hours to Milwaukee to have this done.

Now while I’m not complaining (except that I am) I find it a little ridiculous to drive a total of about 4 hours to have a short appointment in which you don’t even see the doctor (see last appointment) to take a cast off and put a new one on.  And this is why I’m hoping that this is the last one for this series.  Mind you, I already have an appointment set up for her with another doctor down there for in June, but at least I know that appointment will take a while.  And I’ll get to see the doctor. (I’m not picky)

I keep thinking that it would be nice to take my camera with me one of these times I go to Milwaukee and ride around taking pictures of some of the buildings.  At least that way I’d feel like the trip was worthwhile.  Just imagine some of the pictures I could get if I could spend some time down there.  My only worry would be getting lost.  I’m not so good with directions even here in my hometown.  Putting me in middle of a big city probably wouldn’t be that good of an idea.  It’d be like setting a mouse down inside a maze the size of a football field and expecting it to get through it the first time.  Except that I’d probably do worse. GPS probably couldn’t even help me, yet the thought of some awesome pictures i could get makes it so tempting.

I’m trying to build a collage of pictures that I, myself, have taken on one of the walls in my living room.  I don’t want them to be of people at all, but instead have them be of things like nature or buildings.  I would also like them to be some of the nicest pictures that I’ve taken. The entire undertaking is not easy because 1. it is hard to find things to take pictures of and when I do find something people look at me funny while I take the pictures. 2. I feel like I’m tooting my own horn if I pick ones that I like and put them up.  And I don’t like tooting my own horn.

Do I like some of the photos I’ve taken? Yes.  Do other people like some of the photos I’ve taken? Yes.  Am I proud of some of the photos I’ve taken and that people like? Hell yes.  However, to put them up on a wall…gulp, that makes me nervous.  But it is something I want to do…to put myself outside my comfort zone.

Look at me here…stretching myself outside of my little box.

Anyway.  Tomorrow.  Milwaukee.  Stories to follow.  With maybe a picture or two.

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