I refuse to be ‘that’ lady

I’m back home after a day spent mostly in the car.  You have no idea what kind of a statement this actually is after the day I had.  I feel as if I should stand up on the roof of my home and scream, “I made it!  I survived! And I’m still alive”  Only problem is that once I came down I’d have to explain to the police why I was being a crazy lady screaming from her rooftop.  I prefer not to be that lady in the neighborhood.  I’ll leave that for someone else.

We started out this morning headed to Children’s Hospital.  Once there (running late) I was told that our appointment wasn’t at that site, but instead a satellite clinic that was about 15 minutes away.  I could have swore that the appointment card said Children’s Hospital, but alright.  I had valet get my van back – ya know the one that they had just put in the ramp – and loaded everyone back in the vehicle.  Cassie and Kalli were already complaining about being hungry, my mom was saying how nice it was to have seen the hospital, and I was shaking my head at having to go somewhere else.

We jumped on the highway and after a minute realized we were going the wrong way.  Terrific.  I turned around and we were on our way…at least we were pretty sure.  I got to the satellite clinic, grabbed my mom’s walker for her, opened the kids door and my phone rang.  It was the satellite clinic (the one that we were standing in front of) telling me that they were terribly sorry, but that my appointment really was for at the hospital as that is where the doctor was and he would have to look at Cassie’s foot to determine if another cast was needed or not.

Seriously? <sigh>

I put the walker back in the car while still on the phone and started getting back in the van.  Cassie was shaking her head and my mom was laughing.  Kalli was quiet but taking it all in.  As we were leaving the clinic my mom said how nice it was to see the clinic and laughed at the craziness of it all.  I asked who wanted to scream with me and my mom is the only one that helped me out.  It felt good to let that little frustration out.  This was crazy, but I was told I would be getting a gas card for my troubles and that she would be seen even though it was way past her appointment time.  All I could think was she better be seen because I was not going to have spent over 4 hours in the car for nothing.

We had no trouble getting to the hospital and I’m sure the valet people thought we had lost it.  My mom waited downstairs as it was a long walk to get to the office we needed.  Cassie wasn’t thrilled about having to make the walk twice, but she didn’t have a choice.  As we waited to get checked in, I was half expecting them to send us somewhere else again.  At that point I would have sat on the floor and cried/laughed until someone  saw Cassie because I wasn’t going anywhere.

We ended up getting a gas card and some food certificates.  They took Cassie’s cast off, I washed her foot up some, and while we were waiting for the doctor I noticed how much my girlies were really fading.  Cassie was literally shaking from  hunger and Kalli looked so withered.  I went out and asked one of the nurses if she would happen to have some crackers or something.  She had graham crackers and went to get more while I brought them in to the girls.  They looked like starving wolves as I opened the packages and they inhaled them.  Cassie ate 2 packs and Kalli had 3 before they sat somewhat sedated.

The doctor visited with us briefly and let us leave without a cast. Can you feel the happiness through the computer? Because really…I’m so relieved to not have to go to Milwaukee again in 2 weeks.

We finished up in the office, headed downstairs, had valet go get our vehicle (again), loaded everyone up (again), and headed home.  The wrong way. This is where my mom screamed with me again – thank you mom.  It just summed up how the day was.  We turned around and were on our way.  Then we ended up going the scenic way home and I’m not sure how on Earth it happened, but it made for a interesting trip.  I think my mom laughed more today then she has in a while, but I’m not sure if it was at the situation or at me.  All I could do was shake my head, because really…there comes a point where there is nothing else you can do.

We stopped at a drive-thru to grab something to eat and way later then first expected, we arrived home.  I’ve never been so happy to be home, I could have kissed the garage door.  Though, again, that would have made me look like that lady in the neighborhood.  And I refuse to be her.

We got everything brought in and were settling in when Kalli mentioned being cold.  She was wearing long sleeves and pants.  I knew she had been acting different all day, but I tried to ignore it.  I knew the reality though.  She laid on the couch and covered  up.  After a bit I took her temperature.  102.7 – Crap!  I gave her ibuprofen and after a while you could see that it was helping.  She went from being listless to playing some.

I plan on calling the doctor tomorrow because she just isn’t getting better lately…we never finish one cold completely before we get another.  Also, she is always tired and loves taking naps, sleeping for 3+ hours and then sleeping all night too.  I worry…I’m a mom.

However, if they want me to go to Milwaukee they are completely flippin’ insane.  I’m staying close to home for a while.

Recap: Cassie’s appointment was for 10:30.  We went back to see the doctor at 12:15.  We got lost-ish 3 times.  And we didn’t get home until about 4:00.  It was an adventure… though I’m still not sure if it was a good one or a bad one.

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