Look…a new page

If you look up under my banner,  you will see that a new page has appeared.

‘Life List’ is a page that lists things that I’d like to do in my life.  So far the list is pretty decent, but I’m hoping to get 100 things listed by some point.  From there hopefully I can start crossing some off and maybe add more.

Of course, this is all that my post is for today because I was spending time making my ‘Life List’ page.  It isn’t as easy as you would think it would be to come up with things that you would actually like to do.

Therefore, I would like to challenge everyone to create a ‘Life List’ (It sounds better then bucket list)  If you’d like to share in the comments, feel free as I could use more ideas.  It is kinda a fun idea and really makes you think.  For example, I’d like to take my girls to 3 art museums.  Is that ‘Life List’ worthy though??  I haven’t decided yet.  Your opinion??

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One Response to Look…a new page

  1. Katrina Bronander says:

    I know you said you were done with Milwaukee- BUT… there is a really cool art museum there and a “Discovery World” museum that kyra loves and I think the girls would totally dig. We could always do that night in Sheboygan that we talked about and go check them out… let me know 🙂

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