Uninterrupted Time

Tonight the girls are both gone spending the night elsewhere.  Kalli at my moms and Cassie at my aunt’s.  Do you know what this means?  Do you?  Do you have any idea what it means?

It means that right now I am sitting here in my living room uninterrupted.  I can type without a beautiful child needing my attention.  It is almost heavenly to be able to do this from time to time.

Enough about the peace that I’m experiencing…

This weekend I’m hoping to get the rest of my garden ready for more fill and planting.  All the grass is dug up and is waiting for me to knock dirt off  and put in containers to be brought to the yard waste center.  Once that is completed, I can have Andy help me frame up the sides with the 8 ft landscaping timbers I have.  The plan is to seat the first layer into the ground some and put another layer on top of this.  We will then drill holes through the 2 layers of timber and pound rebar through them and into the ground.  This will hopefully keep everything stable and in place.  Then it is all about getting more soil, fertilizer, and planting seeds.  I’m beginning to really get excited about it now and can’t wait to get some things in the ground.

I got this idea from one of the blogs that I read, Balancing Everything.  She is a very crafty person and created super-cute pacifier holders.  I used her idea and came up with some of my own.  I think that they turned out pretty nice.  The first two that I’ve made I did in brown and have given to my friend, Becky for her little one, Brady.  It seems to work out pretty nice and is less cumbersome then the one they were using.  I’m thinking that I’ve found another baby gift to give to anyone having a baby. (Trina…act surprised!)

With this holder, you can use any kind of pacifier and it will work.  I’m pretty impressed with it myself.

In a mere 8 days I will have a 6 year old.  I honestly don’t know if I’m ready for my baby to be 6.  However, whether I like it or not…it is going to happen.  Kalli has changed so much in the past year.  She is more independent and outgoing then she used to be.  She still has the best imagination that I’ve ever witnessed (as the 1003 animals that I live with prove..she takes care of each and every one though) and can also be very tender hearted.  Her favorite excuse is ‘I’m tired’ and she blushes a deep red when embarrassed.  She is still quite attached to me, but is letting go a little at a time.

Only 8 days…  <sigh> What happened to all that time?

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