Oh Happy Day

My outside clothesline is finally in and operational.  Was headed out there to hang up my first load of laundry and then something came to me.  I’m not quite sure where it is that I put my clothespins.  I know that they are here somewhere.  I bought them.  I just don’t know where I put them for safe keeping.  Don’t you love when  you put something somewhere safe and then can’t find it later?  It is so safe…not even you can find it.

Happy Days!  Andy found my clothespins.  After we both looked for a while.  And of course laundry was just about done by that point.  Darn.  Luckily I’ll have more laundry within 24 hours and hopefully a lot of summer to dry them outside.

Tonight was Kalli’s first soccer game of the season.  She did…. good.  She kicked the ball once.

You can tell that it is her first year and that she isn’t quite sure what she is doing.  She did a good job of following the group of people with the ball, but never really got into the group or took the ball on her own.  Also, at one point she was playing defense and was right in front of the goal while her team was with the ball on the other side of the field.  I looked to see what she was doing and she was standing there looking down at her shoes.  I swear I could hear her mind thinking…”look, my shoes match my socks”.  Maybe we’ll try another sport next year.  Is shopping a sport?

I’m sure she will get better as the year goes on.  It is either that or this will be a painful 2 months.

New “Happily Ever After” page is up and running now…see it up there under my banner.  Also, I’m adding a “photo of the moment” off to the side.  This is a picture that I’ve taken that I like or means something to me.  It will change as I find pictures to replace old ones.

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