Where do I sign up for my sash?

Alright.  It is official.  I’ve become that mom.

Today I fed my family in about 15 minutes so that we could head out to Kalli’s soccer game.  We took 2 vehicles so that Andy could head with Kalli ahead of time to get there early and because Cassie had a friend that came and we couldn’t all fit in the van. Sad…

The kicker was tonight.  I went to run out a bag of garbage to the curb as tomorrow is garbage day.  When I went outside I noticed Kalli’s bike outside, toys scattered in the yard, and the garage door open.  I picked up put things away and went out the back of the garage closing the door and locking up behind me.  It is then that I noticed dinner dishes still on the patio table.  Ugh.  Picking them up I then found that the back door was locked.  As was the door into the garage.  This meant I had to walk through the dirt (where grass is trying to grow) and grass around to the front door which was unlocked.

Now picture this.  I’m carrying all the dishes from the backyard around the house to the front door, picking up one last thing that needed to come in.  In my socks and pajamas.  Good thing that was dark, no one was out, and that we live in a quieter neighborhood.

So do I get some kind of badge to put on my sash saying that I’m that soccer mom that picks up the yard at night in socks and pajamas?  Because they seriously should make badges for that.  In fact, they should make “mom” sashes.  It would make this mom thing more fun.  You could get a badge for making it to the child’s first birthday alive (both you and the child are alive), one for when your child starts sleeping through the night every night, one for the first time they roll their eyes at you, one for uttering the words “because I said so”, and one for the first time they tell you that they hate you.  Just to name a few.  Oh and you’d get a pin for each child you have.  On these pins you would add a marble charm every birthday your child has.  This way you can say that you haven’t lost ALL your marbles!

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2 Responses to Where do I sign up for my sash?

  1. Becky says:

    i’m not sure i’d flaunt my mommy badge. I’m still holding out the hope that I have an identity outside of motherhood 🙂

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