Summer…is that you?

Is that you summer?   You see, I requested to see you because I was sick of the cold. However, I can’t quite tell if it is you as I am blinded by the heat and humidity.   As I write this it is a balmy 89 degrees out with a mere 55% humidity according to The Weather Channel. Oh and according to them it is 89, but feels like 91. Thanks Weather Channel. (ps I’m breaking up with you)

But as I was saying, Summer… Last year we didn’t turn the air conditioning on until July (sure there were a few days that we almost gave in, but we held out) but this year we’ve been forced to turn it on already in May. I gave in this morning when, before the kids even left for school at 8:00am, it was already 74 degrees. In fact, my mom said that at 4am it was just over 70. Can you say ridiculous?

In fact, Summer, due to all the mixed signals you’ve been sending I’m thinking that we should take a break from each other.  Not that I am looking to be in a relationship with Winter again, but Spring and Fall treat me pretty well.  Well, except for that whole hive thing.  But honestly, that is Grass and Tree’s fault.  Just know that you have competition and that you should be a little nicer.

Tonight was another one of Kalli’s soccer’s games.  She did better then the first time.  Which is good because, honestly, it was hard to watch her the first game.  It was like she was afraid of the ball.  She still doesn’t go after it, but she doesn’t look like she is going to run away anymore.  I think she needs practice, but she has the attention span of a flea. (For anyone who has seen the kids’ movie, Up…. SQUIRREL!)

Anyway, during a bit of her game I took Cassie and our neighbor, Lindsey and did a small photoshoot.  I got some really nice pictures of Cassie and I’m a little scared of how mature she is starting to look.  We may need to look into locking that girlie up.

I mean hello…when did she grow up?

Then there is Kalli…she had her pictures done at the park tonight for the team.  Here is one of many that I took.

Today, I also put up the pool.  Nothing spectacular, but it will help to cool kids off in summer and keep them busy for a little time.  I’m always looking for things for them to do.  Any ideas???  Please comment or email to let me know 🙂

One last thing.  I have a new site that I am using to share pictures.  I’m just full of changes lately.  I’m trying to upgrade storage space as I was really running out of space.  The old site is:  The new site is:  I have started trying to put a CasKal stamp on my pictures because of a lot of theft of personal pictures that I’ve heard of for commercial use.  I’ve also started shrinking them for use on the sites so that I save storage space.  Therefore, if you would like a picture for your personal use, please let me know.  If you have any questions let me know.

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