Cassie gets a deadline and Kalli finds an easy way to travel

This afternoon the girls both had cleanings at the dentist.  They also both did very well and came out with good reports.  Cassie has teeth that are moving to come in, Kalli has a loose tooth and some molars that are almost ready to pop through, and neither girl has any cavities.  (Thank you God.  I can’t imagine the number of people it would take to drag either of the girls there to have a cavity filled.  And I can just picture the tears that would be shed.)  I feel like every time we go in and there are no cavities that we have dodged another bullet.  I’m just hoping it continues this way.

Cassie was given a deadline though.  You see, Miss Cassie doesn’t like to wiggle teeth like most kids…she seriously has texture and mouth issues.  Therefore she lets a tooth get loose on it’s own and then requests that I pull it without wiggling it.  Easier said then done.  I have now pulled every tooth she has lost with the exception of the first one that she was trying to hold still with her finger while eating.  Yes, she was trying to hold her tooth still while chewing food.  No one says that she is “normal”.  She ended up pushing the tooth out and then freaked.  If I wasn’t so busy trying to calm her and get her a cool washcloth to bite on, I would have been laughing my butt off.

Back to the deadline though.  Cassie has a loose tooth with an adult tooth coming up right in front of it.  The dentist decided that she will give Cassie two weeks to get the tooth out on her own.  If the tooth isn’t out in 2 weeks the dentist will pull it.  (anyone that knows Cassie, understands the fear that this put into Cassie.  Wiggle…no way.  Pull…no way.  Sob…uh-huh!)  Reasoning for pulling it is that if the new tooth gets in more before the old one gets out then the old one won’t want to come out at all and it will be more difficult to get to for pulling.

The hygienists and dentist gave her ideas of how to do it….numbing it with ice and popsicles and then wiggling some and numbing it more.  I plan to try some of these, but mostly I foresee tears in my future.  Whether we get the tooth out on our own or I have to drag her to the dentist.  Anyone volunteer to help drag her and hold her down?  She is getting really strong, you know.

On a totally unrelated note, tonight Kalli saw a plane fly overhead.  She looked up, raised her hands to the plane, and yelled… “TAKE ME TO FLORIDA!”  If it were only that easy my dear little one…if only it were that easy.

FYI: I added about 6 more things to my Life List.  Check it out if you would like 🙂

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