I didn’t see the fine print

I really should have read the fine print before I signed on to become a housewife/stay-at-home mom/maid/whatever else it is that I am.

Some days just aren’t very easy.

Today for example.  I was out of bed by 8:30 (I’m becoming a morning person…and I’m not real happy about it) and by 10:15 I had a load of laundry done, hung on the clothesline, and my garden planted.  I then picked up Cassie’s friend and headed to my mom’s place.  We spent part of the day there and then came home.  The kids played in the sprinkler, I did more laundry, planted some flowers, straightened the house, and fed the kiddos.  Talk about a full day.

Tomorrow there is more cleaning and laundry to be done, the garage still needs cleaning/straightening, and Cassie’s friend is here for a while so I’d like to do some things with the girls.  I’m considering heading to the Wild Life Sanctuary with the 3 of them.  I’m a cool and fun mom like that.

I’ll try to post some pics of my lovely garden tomorrow…well, what you can see of it.  Some are seeds still. For now though, I’m heading to bed where my CPAP is calling my name.

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