One full day

Today Kalli had a field trip.  We started off by heading to a nearby park for an hour (to hopefully exhaust the kids.  Ps, It didn’t work)  We then went to a dairy farm and learned about the things that go on there.  I found some of it interesting and they didn’t talk above the kids so that is always good.

The kids even got to try their hand at milking a cow by hand and saw a calf that was only about 1.5 hours old.  I can honestly say that a good time was had by all.  Even if that did mean that I had an exhausted little girl by the end of the day.

We also went to my niece, Kyra’s, soccer game tonight.  She did awesome and it was fun to watch her in action.

All Kaitlynn was interested in doing was visiting with anyone and everyone, running around, and trying to climb the above tree.

My garden is planted and now I’m just waiting for things to start to come up.  Any day now I should start to see some of the vegetables sprouting from the ground.  I’m very proud of myself as I’ve done a good job at keeping everything alive so far AND I, somehow, got all my veggies into my garden without having to scream at the space issue.


I ended my evening talking with the neighbor girl who was having a fight with her mom – as most almost teens do.  She texted me extremely upset and said that she wanted me to be her new mom.  I told her that I would always be here for her and that I considered her part of my family, but that she couldn’t really just leave her mom.  She then came to hang out with me in the garage and I told her how things from her mom’s perspective could look.  Long story short…she is a teen, she told her mom that she loves her, and for the night things are better.  Also, I’m thinking maye I should go into counseling.

All in all though, it was a gorgeous day and wonderful evening.

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