3 Days and counting

This morning was a very good morning…other then Kalli complaining about tummy pain and feeling like she was running a fever.  These complaints started right after I told her that I wouldn’t be volunteering in her classroom today.  Coincidence?  I think not.

So I got her ready, Cassie got ready, and we were pretty much ready by 7:30.  This is much better then earlier in the week when I had trouble dragging myself out of bed.  I think it has to do something with the fact that I only have to do this earlier get up everyday for another 3 days.

That is right, the girls only have 3 days left of school.  Then it is summer.  This, of course, isn’t counting the weekend.  Either way though it is kind of crazy.  Mainly because I have no idea what we are doing.  I have plans, but I don’t really want to pull out the bigger plans in the first week already.

I do know that we will be going once a week to the library and that they will be doing “bridging the summer” worksheets as I really don’t want to lose what they have in their heads already.  And Cassie’s teacher has sent home math worksheets for Cassie as math is the subject that she struggles in the most.

I’m working on coming up with a reading list of books that they must read over the summer, but also want them to find some of their own…it’ll be a balancing act.  I’m even considering making them do age appropriate book reports.  Kalli already knows about setting, characters, and sequence of events so her reports would be making a picture and maybe telling me about the setting, characters, and events.  Cassie would have to write more of a report.  It is only fair as she is going into 4th grade next year.  I’m sure she will complain about it, but then again…what does she not complain about at this point?

I’d also like to have the girls take swimming lessons/gymnastics/dance…or something like that.  Lastly, I’d like the girls to have some time to their self to figure things out.  I’m hoping that the basement comes into good use this summer and not having to all be on one floor will keep us all a little happier.  Thank goodness for multi-floor places!

Have ideas for me of things to do over the summer?  Let me know by posting them in the comment section.

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