Friday evenings

Friday nights around here are one humdinger of a time. Tonight for example, Cassie’s friend calls to see if she cab come over to play. And also spend the night. Now said friend is well behaved and probably Cassie’s best friend so I was fine with it. So friend arrived, my parents came over with pizzas and we had dinner together (thanx mom and dad), then we load Cassie and friend into the car to head for ice cream and to Menards. I decided to make it an all out night so I bought some yard stuff. (Andy now calls me his little gardener) When we got home we did our own thing for a while, I started to work on a craft with the girls and then they went to bed.

And now, at 11:30pm, I’m heading to bed. Yup, I know how to have a good time. I think I’ve offically turned in my partier card as it feels like once the clock hit 11:15 my body started shutting itself down. Let’s add in there that some days I take a nap and we can say that without a doubt I’m getting old.

I became a mom, turned in my partier card, have gotten to the point where my biggest conversation piece is about my girls, and have a strict bedtime even on the weekends. Yup, humdinger…

In old voice “have any of you whipper-snappers seen my teeth?”

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