Quick Update

It’s late, so I’m going to make this short.  Hopefully…..

Last night I had Brady overnight.  My gosh, I had fun with the little man.  We did a small photo shoot and played.  Then…he gave me an awesome present.  He only woke up 2 times for his pacifier and then woke for breakfast at 7:30am.  And, my wonderful husband, got up at that point with Brady to feed him.  The biggest reason being that with my new buddy…the CPAP…I need to put in a certain number of hours every night or insurance won’t pay for it at all.  Therefore, I log my hours in and it also helps me not feel exhausted all day.

I had a blast with Brady though and I am hoping to get him overnight again sometime in the super distant future.  Becky and Brian – anytime you need a good night sleep…just call!


Tonight I made my way outside to check on my garden.  It has been raining off and on the last few days and I hadn’t been out to see how things were going.

When I walked up to my garden I saw….green!  I am such a good garden-mommy!!

I have tons of veggies coming up.

–Row of onions–

– 2 tomatoes –

– Peppers –

– Pumpkins –

– 3 Zucchini –

Oh…and there is my pretty hanging planter…gorgeous!

There…quick update on me and my green thumb.  Off to other things.

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