Sometimes Kalli blows my mind

Today while coming home from Kalli’s soccer game she was talking with Cassie.  Then….

Kalli: Momma, we are communicating.
Me: Yes you are (glance over at Andy who looks just as stunned as me)
Kalli: Do you know what communicate means?
Me: What does it mean (Does she really know?)
Kalli: It means to talk to another person.
Me: Yes it does.

Where on Earth did that come from??  Kalli amazes me.  Just when you think you have her figured out, she does something that leaves you scratching your head.

I added 2 more things to my “Life List” page.  I’m slowly trying to get up to 50 and then possibly 100.  Maybe I should add that to the list…though I’m pretty sure that would be like cheating.

  • Make sure that my girls grow up to be independent women, of which, I can proudly say are ‘my girlies’.
  • Take better care of me and allow myself time for me.


Today is my cousin, Rick’s, birthday.  It is also one of my other cousin’s dog’s birthday.  Yes, I am including a dog in my Happy Birthday wishes.  Deal with it 🙂


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