First Day of Summer

Today was the first official day of summer and it went surprisingly well.  I got up and helped get the girls ready for the day.  We hung out and I cleaned.  The neighbor came over and played with the girls.  We all went to run a few errands and then it was home again. (jiggity jig) We had lunch, the girls played more and I started setting up for my rummage sale this weekend.  (Note: There is A LOT of stuff in my garage.)

This evening Kalli had a soccer game…she did better then she has been doing.  So that is something.  And when we got home, I worked on the rummage sale stuff more.  It still isn’t set up, but boxes are getting emptied.  I think the biggest problem is the fact that I’m too OCD.  I want things a certain way. However, I took a big step today by letting Kalli do the dishes.  She asked to and I let her.  Look at me letting go of some control and OCD-ness.  She washed slow, playing along the way.  I busied myself with other things and let her do it.  I rinsed for her as she finished washing a dish.  I practiced my patience and let go of the controls some.  It wasn’t easy.  That is an understatement, in fact.  But it was a step.

In other news, tomorrow we head to Milwaukee Children’s Hospital again to see an gastroenterologist for Cassie.  It should be a fun trip.  And by fun I mean long, dragged out, and….long.  When we do get home we’ll be starting to get ready to head to Cassie’s baseball game.

After that, we’ll head home and I’m pretty sure I’ll fall face first into the couch and won’t move for a good twelve hours.  (Note: Friday morning I start my rummage sale)

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