Small pleasures

Today was a normal day.  I ran errands with my soon to be sister-in-law, hung out at my parents, ate delicious grilled corn and hamburgers made by the grill-master, Tony, and then headed home so that the girls could play some before showers and bed.

During our time at home we had an all out search for my keys as I had misplaced them.  Again.  It seems that lately I’m good at losing everything except for my mind.  It stays where it is suppose to be, but can’t keep track of one darn thing.  Planner…where?  Sunglasses….huh?  Keys…$1 to whoever finds them.

That is how tonight went.  And, just for your information, Andy won.  So money actually didn’t have to be paid out.  Whatever is mine is his and whatever is his is mine after all 🙂

One thing that I did manage to keep track of today is a few small things that I noticed.

  • While talking to Kalli on the phone this afternoon, I noticed that she has the sweetest little voice and that I just love hearing it.
  • I have the best husband ever.  He seriously looked hard for my keys while I got the girls showered and ready for bed.
  • Cassie is growing up so quickly, yet lately she is sweeter to me and has been giving me hugs without my asking.  She is letting me hold her a little longer then usual.  Letting me play with her hair.  And I’m finding that I’m loving this little bit of extra time that I’m getting.  Especially as I may not get much of it once she hits adolescence.
  • I love my life, my family…immediate, extended, and my “self-declared” family, and I know that it sounds cliche but I am very happy with how things are.

So there is my mushy post of the day.  I’m now off to enjoy the little pleasures of sleep that my CPAP gives me so that I can enjoy the next day more then I use to.

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2 Responses to Small pleasures

  1. Papa Bear says:

    I really enjoyed this post. I think it is very important to take a step back and recognize what it is that makes us happy. Happiness seems to breed happiness. God Bless!

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