Summer Lovin’

Anyone have any ideas for things to do over the summer?  I’m looking for places to go for ‘outings’ and crafty/things to make or do at home.  Here is the list that the 3 involved children have come  up with.

Things to do:

  • Tye Dye
  • Make necklaces/bracelets
  • Make Ice Cream
  • Make stepping stones


  • Water Park
  • Bay Beach
  • Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Water Park
  • NEW Zoo
  • Fox River trail

As of now, on Tuesdays we head to the library.  Wednesdays I’m looking at probably doing an outing (weather permitting).  Thursday or Fridays we will do a ‘project’.  Other then that the girls are to figure things out for themselves for the most part.

Another thing that I am planning for either this Wednesday or next is to go strawberry picking with the kids.  It’ll pass time, teach the kids, and get me some yummy strawberries.  I’m hoping to get enough to make up some jam, but we will see.

My garden is growing wonderfully!  All the rain we have been getting (I think we may have been transported to Seattle) is really doing wonders for the garden and flowers.  The grass however, is doing better then I’d like it to.  Have I mentioned my allergies that I have to grass?

I’m hoping that if things go as I would like them to I will be able to can some of the tomatoes or save some of the other veggies some.  Maybe pickle some cucumbers?  I don’t know.  I just wanna make some of my own things and save money in the process.  Cost of vegetables is ridiculous and everything packaged is so full of preservatives.  I just want to save money, be healthier, and be more self sufficient.  Is that too much to ask?  Hopefully small animals or bugs see my point too and stay away from my babies plants.

I had just gotten Brady down for a nap that you could tell that he needed when Kalli came in the front door.  I put my finger to my lips, letting her know that I needed her to be quiet.  This is, of course, the point at which she slammed her finger in the screen door.  This is where I insert how it is a good thing that it wasn’t the inside door…more pain…more tears…more noise, but instead I’m going to go onto how I whispered to her not to scream and pulled her quickly into the kitchen, away from the stairs leading upstairs to the just fallen asleep baby.

I pulled Kalli to me and let her sob into my chest to hush her cries.  After a minute I lifted her head and asked if she was okay.  She shrugged her shoulders.  I looked at the finger and other then the nerves internally screaming it looked like nothing had ever happened.  I went to the freezer, handed her an ice pack and cuddled her for a few more minutes.  Then she was off to play outside again with Cassie and the neighbor girl leaving the ice pack behind and me to find where I left off in the cleaning.

Instead I sat down for a little bit and allowed myself time to watch the little ladies playing outside on the front lawn.  Kalli was laying on her back in the grass, Cassie sitting next to her leaning back on her arms with her legs sprawled out in front of her.  Their friend, Lindsey, sat on the driveway and the 3 of them were talking.  I am not sure what they were talking about, but I could hear them laughing and it reminded me of the careless summers I had as a little girl…playing with the neighbors and my cousins.  I didn’t have a worry in the world, yet I had no idea how fortunate I was.  Just the way my girls are living right now.  No worries, No cares, and I’m glad that I can give that to them.

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One Response to Summer Lovin’

  1. Papa Bear says:

    My girls kind of discovered a craft of their own. They paint rocks. One day I will take them out to a bed of river rocks and let them choose the rocks they want to paint. The next, they will spend hours painting and laughing, trying to create something from those ordinary rocks. On a side-note, my girls have also taken an interest in collecting fossils and interesting (shiny) rocks they find along the way. They stash these in a box. It is their first REAL collection of anything.

    My girls also love walks and nature walks. We take at least one a week of each. That doesn’t include our walks to the park or library. These girls will seriously not let me drive anywhere!

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