There was no post last night because I was up until midnight making strawberry jam.  Hi, my name is Susie Homemaker and yes I was up until midnight.  Making jam.  I think I overdid myself when we got strawberries.

Yesterday was ‘outing day’ with the girls and I decided to take them strawberry picking.  Because I’m just begging to lose my mind.  Have you ever tried taking three kids ages 12, 9, and 6 picking strawberries?  Sure it is possible and if they would have known ahead of time what it was like I think they would have been more prepared.  However, after about 15-20 minutes the complaining started, the whining began, and the questions about how much longer it would take commenced.

During the first bit of time they were having fun finding the biggest most perfect red strawberries.  Then Cassie started to get tired so I gave her 2 kneeling pads to sit on in the aisle.  This is the point at which she sat down on a strawberry.  I tried to clean some of it off but just shook my head, laughed, and told her she would just have to change when we got home.  What else was I going to do?  You can’t prepare for a time when your child sits on a strawberry.

We had gotten almost a whole flat of berries picked when the complaints and questions got to their peak.  I then decided that the $.70 extra for pre-picked berries was worth it to save my sanity.  I paid for all of our berries (one flat of pre-picked included), grabbed a bag of fresh sugar snap beans for on the way home, and we headed out.  The ride home was filled with smells of fresh berries and questions about strawberries and what we were going to do Thursday and Friday.  Kids – always wanting to move on to the next thing.

Last night, with help from Andy, I made six batches of jam, cut stems off and froze two gallon freezer bags of berries, and there are some in the fridge.  Becky is going to take some of the ones in the fridge and then I will probably make two more batches of jam.  The rest of the berries I plan on freezing.

Today I took the girls to a carnival at a local library.  The girls played and had a wonderful time.  I’m not sure where the time went, but we were there for over an hour.

So far I feel like this summer is going very well.  We’re staying busy and doing things together.  I really think that this new place that we moved into last August helps.  We have a half finished basement and because of this, the girls have a play room.  We aren’t all having to be in a tiny one floor place together and there is a yard on a not as busy road for the girls.  Things are so much better and I feel safer with the girls playing in the front yard.  Mind you I still watch close, but I can relax a little.

We even did some of the summer worksheets that I have for the girls with little resistance.  Cassie complained a bit, but she wouldn’t be a 9 year old if she didn’t fight it a little.

Tonight, my sister-in-law and I rearranged the girls’ bedroom.  We wouldn’t let the girls up to see it until it was all done.  When the girls did see it they were so excited that I had to laugh out loud.  They couldn’t wait to go to sleep.  They hugged Kelli and thanked her.  I was proud seeing them appreciate something so little.

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