Enemy Found!

Enemy: Forficula auricularia  aka Earwigs
Description: Squirmy little things with pincers on back end, they can have wings, (what the hell heck!) and according to my daughters and I they are gross, icky, and overall disgusting.
Task: To exterminate them all!

Ok, I know that earwigs are good…they eat other insects…blah blah blah.  All I know is that they are taking over my yard.  They are flippin’ everywhere. And the little guys are ugly and creepy to top it off.

Also, they are eating my plants.  And that is where I draw the line.  Well, actually the line goes right after the creepy and gross parts.  Hey, you can’t blame a girl.  I opened up my outdoor garage opener panel yesterday and 2 earwigs fell out.  Ewww…  And then later in the day I went to get mail and there was a bunch crawling around in there.  I may or may not have actually squealed out loud.  Let’s just say that I made my husband get the mail.

The mail-lady informed me that she has heard that moth balls will get them out of the mailbox.  I bought some and bravely marched down to the mailbox, opened the door, tossed in 2 ready and waiting balls, closed the door, and ran away creeped out from the image of the earwigs squirming around.  Again…gross.  I hate to be girlie about this, but they squirm and have legs.  That is just wrong. (can you tell that I hate bugs?  Well not all of them.  I do camp and like being outside.  I just very strongly dislike earwigs)

Good News: No earwigs in mailbox today
Bad News: Our mail now smells like mothballs.
Other News: I can deal with mothball smelling mail.

Now if only I could get the little suckers out of my garden.  They’ve completely killed my Salvia Plant and are now going after my beans.  We are trying a bit of Bug-B-Gone, but if that doesn’t work I’ll move onto other forms of combat ideas.  I know about the traps, but don’t want to have to see the little critters to empty traps.  I guess what I’m saying is I’m having quite a conundrum.Salvia – I’m pretty sure it is a goner

Beans – the Earwigs’ next victim?  Or its last meal?


Dear Mother Nature-

I know that I complained this past winter about all the snow you poured down on us and all the cold you thought would be funny to toss our way.  And really, I appreciate you bringing on the summer.  I’m digging the vitamin D, enjoying the warmth of the sun, and trying to be thankful for the non-winter seasons overall.

I do have one small, teeny, tiny request though.  Could you cool it on the humidity a bit?  Seriously my hair is pin straight and always has been.  For my wedding they had trouble curling it, yet today it was curling from the humidity.  I’m not complaining though.  Okay, maybe a little, but really??

Thankful for the warm weather and yours truly,

Here is how my cat is coping with the heat.  Buffy is trying to keep cool by the windows.  And yes, that is Kalli’s soccer ball, baby, and blanket in the picture.  I never claimed to have a spotless home.

I have a garden, people.  There are plants, they are alive, and they are growing.  Yeah me!  I may get to cross this one off my Life List if I get veggies out at the end.  Though I may just change the goal to growing the garden 2 years in a row. Sometimes I’ll check things off and sometimes we will just change to keep goal and myself going forward.

Speaking of my Life List.  I added another thing to my list.  I now this will shock everyone…including me because really, it is outside my comfort zone.  But to me that is some of what a Life List should be…something to get you to do things that you may never do otherwise and stretch your comfort zone some.  It will help me grow.  Go to my Life List page to see the latest addition.

And just to prove that I do have live plants growing…

Corn…hopefully knee high by 4th of July…though I doubt it.  GULP!

Row of onions…Look at ’em grow.

Baby Raspberries!!  In the first year of growing!!  Becky – these are for you.

Zucchini – yes Auntie Mary, I know I’ll have to pull the middle one.  UGH!

I’m not sure if you can tell, but I’m really enjoying having a garden.  It is a hobby, something for me to do and to take care of.  It is a small pleasure for me.  Now if only to rid my garden of those darn Earwigs.

Two last things to end this 800+ word post.

  1. New page at top.  Lists people I’ve talked about in the past couple weeks or so.
  2. New Featured Photo.  Baby Robins that are at neighbor’s house.  They are getting big and I don’t know how much longer the 3 of them will all fit in the nest.  Hopefully long enough for them to be okay on their own.

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