Weekend Recap

Conversation that I had with Kalli the other morning.

Andy and Cassie had just left leaving Kalli and I were home alone.

M: Look…it is just the two of us.
K: We can talk now without anyone talking over us
M: Yes we can.  It’s kinda nice isn’t it?
K:  When someone talks over you it means they talk when you are talking.
M: That is correct.
K: At school people talked over me sometimes.
M: Well, that’s not very nice.
K: No…it’s not acceptable.

1. Sometimes she really impresses me with the things that she says. 2. She really isn’t the easiest to have a conversation with because when you ask her a question she just keeps going on her train of thought, never answering your question.

This past Saturday was Kalli’s last soccer games for the year.  It was a sad day, yet thrilling because it gives us two nights a week back.  And, for me, any evenings that I can have nothing planned on, are good nights.

Kalli enjoying her half time snack

After Kalli’s games we had a birthday party for my niece, Kyra, right there in the park. Today is her actual birthday, but it’s easiest to have parties on the weekend.  We had cake and ice cream, the kids played, and a good time was had by all.  That was, until Cassie fell.  She was walking across the basketball court when suddenly she was no longer standing.  Andy and I saw it at the same time.  Cassie had fallen and was laying on her belly on the court.  We hurried over to her and got her sitting up.  She was shook up some (obviously) but was otherwise unscathed.  Her loftstrand crutch, however, wasn’t as fortunate.  Somehow, her crutch broke. (the crutch which is suppose to be strong and help her get around for the next 2-4 years…according to insurance)  And it didn’t just bend, it broke.  Like not fixable.

The broken crutch

For the weekend Cassie struggled to get around with one solo crutch.  Saying that she wasn’t a happy little girl is a complete understatement.  Today, after talking with our friends at home medical, I headed over and picked up loaner crutches.  They are a little big for her, different, and heavier too.  But there are two of them.  One for each side.  How much can she really complain about it?  Turns out she can still complain about it quite a bit.  9 year olds….what can you do with them?

Now we just cross our fingers and hope that insurance will approve her getting new crutches.  Can they really deny a little girl transportation?  Of course they could, but it would be really mean.

Yesterday I was cutting grass and I decided that I enjoy cutting grass.  Of course, I’m allergic to grass so it isn’t entirely a pleasant experience, but I do like it.  It helps thatour yard isn’t very big.

Lastly, yesterday the 3 little robin eggs that I had taken pictures of, which then became the 3 little baby robins that I took pictures of, became 3 little robins hopping around the yards squawking for their mom and dad.  I attempted getting pictures of one of them, but do you have any idea how hard it is to get pictures of a baby robin when it is hopping away from  you and the mom and dad are close by.  Yeah, not the easiest.  This picture is the best I ended up with.  Kinda sweet how protective the mom and dad were though, really.

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One Response to Weekend Recap

  1. Papa Bear says:

    cool picture of the baby bird! We had a couple of nests in our yard this Spring, but we never seen the babies. I can say that when I mow and get near the nests, robins start trying to dive bomb me and run me away. I never knew how protective they were until this year. I hope your daughter gets her crutches!

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