Weekend Recap

This was written in stages throughout the weekend.  Yes, I love  you so much that I wrote while at the cottage and in between my relaxing.

Friday, June 27, 2010: It wasn’t exactly hot, but it was definitely very warm and muggy.  In fact, I finally gave in part way through the morning and turned the air conditioning on. In part to the fact that I hate sweating and the other part, because I was very busy spending my morning running up to the second story of our home, down to the basement, back up again, and down to the main floor trying to get some things done – again adding to the sweating factor.  On my to do list was laundry, straightening, cleaning, and  packing.  I had an appointment for my dad and I just after noon and I needed to get as much things done before those appointments.

Crank up the music on the computer and clean, my friends…that is how I do it.

Finally, early evening rolled around and Becky, Brady, Andy, the girls, and I headed 20 minutes north of home to Becky’s family cottage where we are staying until Sunday evening.  We have no plans other then to enjoy time away from our hectic everyday lives.

The cottage is a simple place.  There is no running water or flushing toilet, but there is electricity, a roof to protect you in case of rain, and real off-the-ground beds.  Right there it is a step above our regular camping.  As anyone who has done tent camping knows, rain is the arch nemisis and there is nothing quite like a ‘real’ bed.

When we got here it was still very warm and the mosquitoes were making their presence known. We showed the girls around so that they knew where everything was, we opened windows to get air movement, set up everything, and then started to show the girls the cool things of the cottage. We began by showing them the enormous amount of frog items. (Becky’s grandma collected frog things so the cottage holds many of these things to this day.  I remember first coming here seeing them and thinking it was a little crazy.  Now I think it is awesome that these things are kept.)  We also showed the girls the water, all the Zebra Muscles that have taken over the little beach, and picked a few other shells for the girls.

Saturday, June 28, 2010: Sleeping last night was hindered some by the heat, but by morning everything had cooled and today has been actually a little brisk in comparison to yesterday.  I’m almost wishing I had bought along a sweater, but who would have thought that it would be a whole 20 degrees cooler today.  Most of today has been spent hanging out inside, playing some games, reading, playing on the few electronics we’ve brought with us, and for me…working on this post and cleaning/straightening.  Yes, I’m even Susie Homemaker while away from home.  I can’t help it.  I blame it on the OCD.

This afternoon I had the girls do 30 minutes of reading, sitting on their bed.  It ended up with both of them sleeping.

I personally love how Cassie fell asleep with the book laying on her chest.  I knew that they needed the rest, but asking them to nap is like asking them to stop breathing.  The having them take 30 minutes to read lets them rest without them realizing it and if they do just read it gets their 30 minutes of reading for the day in. (at home they do their 30 minutes before bed (wind down time) and sometimes another 30 during the day…depending on the day.

It is now 8:30pm and the girls are playing a game with Becky.  Brady is trying his best not to sleep, Andy is cleaning up outside, and I’m slowly working on this post while trying to calm Brady from time to time (Becky needs her time to play and not take care of crying baby)

Soon my girls will be heading to bed and then it will be just us adults.  It’ll be how it started out so many years ago….only with Andy also.  Becky and I started camping together over 12/13 years ago.  We had a small 4 person tent and we’d go about 1 time a month throughout the summer months.  We’d stay up late, listening to music, talking, and watching the fire.  In the mornings, we’d lay in the tent talking til we were both awake enough to get up and going for the day.

When Andy came into my life, he joined us on our camping trips.  Andy actually asked me to marry him while we were camping.  Then the girls came into our lives and they joined our excursions. Kalli actually went camping for the first time at a mere 1 month old.  While I wouldn’t say that the girls LOVE camping, they definitely like it.  They’d love it more if all the bugs and insects were to disappear.  I’m still working on that one for them.

Camping has really changed over the years, but it is still nice when all the kids are asleep and it is just us adults again.  Of course, we are now so exhausted from keeping up with the children that we head to bed soon after the kids do.  This going to bed earlier makes us feel old.

I’ve gotta say that the best part of being up here is the quiet.  The only sounds our ones that we make, the wind through the trees, a few wind-chimes, and the water lapping at the rocks.  It is peaceful.  A little rustic.  And if I could choose…a little bit like what my heaven would look like.

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