I’m Back!

Did you miss me?  I took a little hiatus the past few days.  Don’t worry I wasn’t sitting around twiddling my thumbs.  In fact, I was quite busy.  Kelli and I painted my living room and kitchen.  This meant that the night before my living room became a shambles with everything moved to the middle of the room.  Then the day of my kitchen became a similar shambles.

The children were banned to the basement the day of painting for fear of paint ending up where it didn’t belong. (no worries…the basement is a play room for the kids)  I even fed them supper in the basement.  I did allow them upstairs to eat lunch, but there were no chairs or table to eat at, so they had a picnic on the floor.  (this is a nice way to say that I made my children eat on the floor)

Painting was completed at 8pm and passing out from tiredness came shortly after.  Today Andy and I spent time going around and doing some touch-ups that were needed.  And finally tonight, things were able to move back to their homes.  You have no idea how wonderful it is to be able to walk in your own living room without stubbing toes or tripping.  I’m going to try to get some photos on tomorrow, but we’ll see how it goes.

I hope that everyone had a super 4th of July.  I will put those pics and story in a post tomorrow.  I can only do so much at 11:00 at night.

Yesterday I was talking with Kalli and I mentioned my upcoming birthday.  Here is the conversation.

Me: Soon I’ll be 32.  I’ll be an old woman.
Kalli: Momma, you are only 31.
Me: yes, but soon I will turn 32.  Will I be an old woman then?
Kalli: ….kinda….

Thanks baby!  I’ll remember this when I’m showing your fiance embarrassing baby pictures of you.

More tomorrow.  I gotta catch some sleep tonight.  Lately I haven’t been sleeping real good and it is leaving me exhausted the following day.

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