Recap of past weekend

Here is a summary of this past weekend when we went up to Becky’s cottage for a few days.

Day 1 – Saturday, July 10, 2010:

10:30ish – We are at the cottage and the weather is absolutely gorgeous. We got here about half hour ago and quickly unpacked the vehicles so that we could relax.  We are now sitting out by the water relaxing in our own little way.  Becky is reading with the girls, Andy is reading his book, Brady is playing with toys on a blanket, and I’m, of course, doing my favorite thing…writing up a post.

I really do enjoy trying to come up with things to post about, though at times I either get writers block or have a difficult time coming up with post-worthy material.  I know that it is hard to believe, but sometimes my days are quite boring and no matter how hard I try, I can’t make it sound exciting.  This would be the reason that lately my posts seem to lack the humor and sarcasm that they did before. I’m working on it though.

I have some news.  And while it may fall into the over-sharing category, I must share.

The past couple days the BPAP (Body Parts Against Paula) has reconvened.  I haven’t posted about them since moving from my old blog because the BPAP has been on hiatus.  Their past meetings were semi-short, and I am hoping for the same this time.

To refresh memories, or for those of you that don’t know what BPAP is, let me tell you about it.  BPAP is what I call it when part(s) of my body decide that it would be fun to go on the fritz.  This is to say that I end up in pain or sick or broken in some way or another.  These meetings are not something that I enjoy whatsoever.

During the past few days I’ve been experiencing pain in my lower abdomen.  Alright…males, you may want to turn away or skip to the next break in this post.

Those of you that know me, know that shortly after Kalli was born we decided that we were finished having children. (though from time to time I still think about it) and due to personal and great pain issues I had an Uterine Ablation done.  All-in-all imagine electrocution to the uterus and a crispy charred existence left behind.

This left me without cramping, monthly issues, and without wanting to curl into a ball and wish for death to come swiftly. (I know…all females want to punch me in the face right now.  I’m use to it as several friends want to do the same)  The way I saw it, I had paid my dues since middle school and I was done with pain.  From the moment the procedure was finished life as I knew it changed and I was a happy girl.

So for the past 4-5 years, life has been good.  No pain equals a very happy Paula.

This is where I toss in the word however.  You knew this story had to go somewhere…right? About a month ago I felt real twingy in the lower abdomen and I thought to myself, “huh…this doesn’t feel so good.  What on Earth?”  Then the past few days rolled around and I felt more then twingy.  In fact, yesterday I spent a wee bit of time doubled over.  I kept looking confused at Andy, asking why.  He then would suggest I take something for pain.  to which I would tell him I shouldn’t have to take anything for pain because I shouldn’t BE in pain.  This is where he looks at me and shakes his head.  I don’t always have to make sense.  I am, after all, female.

Yesterday was a painful day.  Today is more twingy.  Tomorrow should be perfect.  Right?  Right…?

Alright…back to our regularly scheduled programming.  Welcome back males that decided girlie stuff was to be ignored 🙂

Shortly after I finished the above writing, Kalli asked me to go for a walk.  By myself.  Nothing quite like being told to leave by a 6 year old.  I took Brady with me so I wasn’t wandering around alone and we headed down the bumpy gravel road…he was due for a nap as it was. I’m pretty sure she is working on a homemade card of some kind to give me on my birthday, but I play it like I have no idea why she is shooing me away.  It makes her feel more sneaky.

Day 2 – Sunday, July 11, 2010:

This morning I slept in until Andy woke me at 9:45.  I haven’t slept in that late in a very long time.  When I got up and wandered out of the bedroom I was greeted with sun and warmth.  We decided that it was a good day to take the girls to the beach.  Coincidentally, the girls thought it was a wonderful idea as well.

Fast forward to a few hours later.  We were at the beach locating a spot to call our own.  I had put the girls’ swimsuits under their dresses and as soon as we found a spot, Kalli stripped her dress off and ran down the the water where she never even tested the water temperature.  Kalli ran until she was mid calf deep in water and then she stopped, turned around, and had the hugest smile on her face.  She was entirely happy.

Cassie made her way down to the water (without her leg braces on she has to crawl, so while she had a blast in the sand and water, she brought 1/2 the beach back to the car with us.)

The girls were having a blast, Becky made her way into the water with Brady, and Andy and I looked on.  I took pictures, of course, and then Andy and I happened to look behind us.  There was a very dark cloud coming our way.  We looked at each other and we exchanged a knowing look.

A few minutes later we heard rolling thunder and noticed that it was getting darker.  I suggested Andy bring anything that we didn’t need back to the van.  I called to the girls and told them that we were going to be going in about 5 minutes.  A couple minutes after stating that there was more rolling thunder.  I called the girls up to head back to the van.  I got the girls changed out of their suits and into regular clothes just as the rain began pouring down on us.  And I mean pouring.  Timing is everything, after all.

We spent the rest of the day inside playing games and visiting.

Day 3 – Monday, July 12, 2010

I woke this morning to Andy waking me and a bit after Kalli coming in to cuddle in bed with me.  Soon after this, Cassie made her way into the room.  We did some family cuddling and then we got up and dressed.  It is my birthday.  Kalli gave me a homemade card, a kiss, and a hug.  Cassie, already heading into teenage angst, didn’t say much.  She did cuddle a little bit more with me though and I think that is her way of saying happy birthday without having to say it.

It was a quiet day and we spent it taking in the solitude before having to head back to our daily lives.  I cleaned some and packed up a little at a time.  Trying to not think about heading back home.

Once home, things went back to the usual.  Cleaning, straightening, and getting ready for the next day.

Due to the fact that I’m a little late getting this up, and the fact that it is quite long already.  I will post tomorrow about the fun the girls and I had today in tomorrow’s post.  Look at that foreshadowing.

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