July 19, 2010

Have I been a complete slacker lately?  Why yes, I have.
Have I neglected to post for almost a week?  Why yes, I have.
Have things been busy, yet not quite post worthy?  Why yes….yes they have.
Therefore, this post will probably be short and I’m again saying that I will try to post tomorrow.  It is, however, a post so no complaining.  At least not too loud.

The girls now have all their school supplies, most of which are in their bags already labeled with their names.  We have a couple more things to gather and put in the bags, but otherwise we are prepared.

I know that it isn’t even August yet, but August is going to be a crazy month for us and we will be gone the weekend before school starts.  In fact we will come back and the next day is the first day of school.  Nothing like a end of the year event.

Here is their backpacks and all of the supplies (minus 5 folders, 4 notebooks, paint shirts, and scissors.)

Pretty new backpacks.

Both girls’ supplies combined.

I have to say that I find it a bit ridiculous some of the things that are needed.  Mostly it is the normal stuff.  Glue, notebooks, kleenex, ruler…

However, Kalli’s list is a bit different.  It has the normal items, but then also includes a few very specific things.  For example: Colored Pencils – Crayola Twistables ONLY.  Not only are these colored pencils more expensive, but it is an example of how everything on her list is specified as brand name items.  Another example: Pencils #2 – SHARPENED, Ticonderoga brand (Target) (no fancy pencils please).  Alrighty…you can’t just get #2 pencils…we are specific.  AND they specify Target.  Mind you, I love Target, but to have it put out there that we have to be so specific is pushing it.

I’m just hoping that this isn’t a sign of the year to come.  Hopefully both the girls’ teachers are as laid back as the ones this past year.  I have gotten along superb with every one of the teachers so far and I’m hoping this trend continues.

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