Garden Update

Today I weeded, trimmed, and took pictures of my garden.  Since it has been a while since I’ve updated you, I thought it would be a good subject for today’s post.  Even if it is a wee bit on the boring side.  They can’t all be winner posts…right?

There is no real order to these pictures, but I just wanted to share some of the things going on in the garden.

First things first.  I had two ripe raspberries on my plant.  This is very exciting as this is the first year for the plants and many times during the first year there is no fruit produced.  I ate one of the berries and gave the other to Becky at lunch.  Yes, I am very nice.

Next there is the pumpkins.  The flowers on the vines themselves are abundant.  Now if I could just get the vines to stop grabbing onto and trying to climb the other plants.

Next up, tomatoes are making their appearance.  I have about 10 green tomatoes already and lots more buds ready to go.  Maybe I should look into making salsa as my girls don’t even like tomatoes.Last picture for this garden update…I promise.  I’ve got a baby cucumber.  It is very exciting.  Yes, I’m excited about a cucumber.  Hush…I’m a stay at home mom and I don’t get out very often.  I can’t wait to pick it, cut it up, and eat it.  By myself.  I’m actually grinning just thinking about it.

Side Note: I’ve come to the conclusion that I like gardening, growing things, and adding that to my Susie Homemaker list of qualifications.  It is one of the small pleasures that I came to find today.

I took a few hundred videos of the girls tonight practicing and rehearsing two bible verses that they are learning for Bible Camp that is being held by a neighbor this week.  I really wanted to put them up here for you to see, however, videos are being difficult to put up.  Bad videos.  I’ll work on them tomorrow and hopefully get them up in the afternoon sometime.

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