Kalli stories anyone?

Tonight we went to dinner at a local gas station/grill that does ‘one-buck burgers’ on Wednesday evenings.  While there, Kalli was doing her normal I-can’t-sit-in-one-spot-but-must-walk-around-the-table thing.  Mind you, she is quiet and doesn’t bother anyone while she does this.  However it gets annoying to me because, seriously, she is 6 now.  I know she can sit still for more then 5 minutes.  I’ve seen it when I’ve volunteered in her classroom.

Finally, after I tell her to sit down for what seemed like the 500th time, I say the words “do you want to go sit out in the van and wait?”.

When I was younger this meant not good things.  It was your warning to behave or else. Dot, dot, dot.  And the ‘or else’ part is what scared me.  It was the idea that my mom had brought me into this world and I wasn’t sure if she really could take me out of this world.  Either way, I was too scared to find out.

Kalli, however, looks at me and says, “If I can sleep.”  .  .   .   .   .   .   .  <I was speechless>

It’s at this point that I’m not sure whether I’m going to yell or laugh. She is so innocent and unknowing of what this statement that I just uttered means.

My kids are good kids.  They need little to no discipline.  Time outs and talks are all I’ve really had to do ever with them.  In fact, now when they start to do something they shouldn’t I just have to look at them and say, “excuse me?”.  From there, you can just see them back pedaling.  They know that they have crossed the imaginary line of what mom deems going too far.

I’ve only spanked my girls in extreme circumstances and afterward I’ve taken time and explained why I did.  I can literally count on one hand the number of times I’ve spanked them.

It is at this point, this I don’t-am-unsure-of-what-to-do-next point, that I lean over and say, “if I have to take her out to the van to wait, you will be getting a spanking before getting in the van”.  Her face goes solemn and she tells me that she will stay sitting.  And she does…for the most part.

All of this is to say that I appreciate my girls.  They are very well behaved.  I sometimes worry that I expect too much from them at the age they are.  But I let them be kids, I let them be young while they can. I’ve seen both overly strict parents and what I consider too lax of parents.  I like to think that I’m right in the middle of that pack.

Here are the pictures I took this past weekend.  Yes it contains pictures of my garden.

Fresh from the garden raspberries.  Sooooo delish!

Cucumber anyone?  This was my first one of the year.  I now have another two in the house with about 4 more on the vines.

Look…artsy moon picture!

And lastly…Brady.  I had him overnight Saturday night and fell more in love with the guy.  Don’t you just want to eat him up?  Nomb Nomb….  Okay, maybe it is just me.


Tonight while working in my garden…  Side note: I think that I have Squash Borer Beetles/Bugs.  I’ll explain tomorrow when I have more time.  Someone remind me since I’m good at forgetting things I say that I’ll post about.


Tonight while in the garden, Kalli comes out “to keep mommy company”.  She talks, I garden, I half listen.  It works out well. Ish.  Kalli is telling me about things.  I am paraphrasing this some, but this is very close to what she said.

“Sometimes I help Cassie and sometimes Cassie helps me.  That is what family does.  And that what sisters do. And I just love Cassie so much and I know that she loves me.  And we are good sisters.  Sometimes I love Cassie so much because she is my sister and I just want to cry.”

I look at Kalli and she is seriously getting very emotional and on the verge of crying.  I like the fact that she knows her emotions and how she feels and that the girls are close to each other.  It makes me feel like I’m doing something right with what I’m teaching the kids.

It also made a little part in me scared.  Terrified even.  If she is already this emotional over things, I shudder to think how she will be when her body is hormonal and full of teenage angst.

Pray for me.

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