Sundaes on Sundays

This past Sunday we stopped with the girls to get some ice cream.  We all got single scoops in dishes and each of us got to pick one topping.  I decided to go with the classic single scoop of vanilla with hot fudge.

The next day Kalli is telling me that she would like to have a hot fudge sundae when we go for ice cream next.  I agree that it sounds like a good idea.  Then comes the question…what do we do if it isn’t a Sunday?  For a moment I was lost, unsure where the day of the week came into play.  Then I chuckled and had to explain to my little girl that it wasn’t a hot fudge Sunday, but it was spelled different and that you could have them any day of the week that you want to.  You could tell that it made her feel much better to get that worry out of the way.

I have to say that today ice cream sounded very good.  With temperatures hovering around the 90 degree mark we were daydreaming about ice cream, popsicles, and cool swimming pools.  After sitting around and roasting in the wet sauna stands at Cassie’s baseball game earlier this evening, we did make a stop for some ice creams.  It was sundaes all around.

While we were waiting for our ice cream, I received a text from one of Cassie’s friends, Jasmine.  Jasmine was borrowing her sister’s phone and was wondering if she could text with Cassie for a little bit.  I said that it was fine and handed over my phone.  They texted for about 10 minutes (mind you they type quite slow).  During this time I looked at Andy and said, “It has begun.”

Almost two weeks ago, Cassie was at my aunt’s house and I was playing delivery person for Cassie and Jasmine.  I was calling back and forth passing messages on.  Finally, sick of being the middleman, I gave Jasmine my aunt’s number.  I later found out that Cassie talked with Jasmine for an hour before being kicked off the phone.

An hour!  What on Earth did they talk about?  Or maybe I should say what didn’t they talk about?  Seems to me that they may have come up with a way to solve world hunger, bring peace to all countries, and abolish the national debt.

In seriousness though, I’m thinking that Cassie is getting to be the age where communication with her female counterparts becomes a high priority.  She is invited to go to a movie this weekend with one of her friends (seems her friend has saved up enough allowance money to take her and a friend to a movie and get snacks…and she chose Cassie) and a couple of her friends are calling just to talk now.  Therefore, we find ourselves looking at getting a basic home land-line phone.  We are hoping that this keeps us from going horribly over our minutes on our cell phones and so that, hopefully, her friends stop calling me.

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