Another garden update

Today I decided that I am not a fan of any of the weather that we’ve been having.  The heat is making doing anything outside extremely unpleasant.  This would include cutting the grass, which I decided had to be done today.  Something about the jungle animals that were lining up to move in.

All of July was so wet that there were very few days that cutting the grass was even possible.  It seemed that everyone had no choice but to run out between rain showers to cut what had grown.  Let me just say that the rain made the grass grow quite quickly.  As it did the mushrooms that sprouted up everywhere in our yard.

So far this month, it has been so humid and hot that no one wants to even venture outside.  However, hot humid days also make grass grow quickly.  So today, I put on my big girl panties, sucked it up, and headed out to brave the heat in the name of shorter grass.  Well, that and I didn’t want the jungle snakes moving in.  I can live with the monkeys and birds. But the insects, spiders, snakes, and anything else I deem creepy or crawly must stay out.

Long story short (well not that short) the grass got cut.  The worst part was the sweating.  It wouldn’t be so bad, but I hate sweating.  Therefore, when I came in from outside I drank a full glass of lemonade and then went to shower in cold/lukewarm water in hopes of lowering my body temperature.

Once Andy got home today, I headed out to check out my garden. (side note: gardens like water, hot sun, and humidity as well)  I harvested 2 cucumbers, another zucchini, and noticed that I have baby green beans. (look at that…I’m like a farmer!  Harvesting!)  I may or may not have screeched when I saw the baby beans.  Hey, it is exciting to see things growing because I want them to.  I even picked a bean to take a picture of and then, of course, eat.

Look at all those veggies! Can’t wait til the tomatoes start ripening so everything isn’t just green.

Then, because I felt the need to, I lined them all up with a pencil at one end so you can see all the pretty produce. Yes, ‘overzealous gardeners anonymous’ may be needed for me.  Let me start by apologizing to anyone I’ve dragged over to see my garden.  And also, thanks for going along with me.

The little thing next to the pencil is my baby green bean.  So exciting!  Yeah yeah, I know. I’m just that little bit nuts.

Beautiful produce.

Tomorrow I’ll (hopefully) get a post up that doesn’t talk about my garden or the size of my produce.

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