Tomorrow, I promise

Yes, I said the promise word.

Tonight Andy and I took the girls to Packers Training Camp.  We weren’t able to go at all last year and there is something about being one of the rail-birds that makes you feel like you are part of a community.  I find it a little strange when you think about watching a bunch of guys in football gear practicing as bringing a community together.  However, we are Green Bay, and in this town…the Packers are what we are all about.

I still remember when my brother was in soccer and one of the soccer games was rescheduled because it was at the same time of a Packer game.  Also, when the Packers went to the Super Bowl, schools were closed.  Hello.  Schools won’t close for blizzards and ice, but for the Packers?  Why not.

So tomorrow…post about how our evening of watching guys in tight pants (one benefit) run around and collide into each other went.

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