A promise is a promise

Here I am.  As promised.  Like that?  When I promise something, I go through with it.  This will be short and I’m going to only share a couple pictures, but I plan on working tomorrow during the day on a longer post.  There is something about trying to write a post at 10:00 at night that just doesn’t work for me.  I think it might be the fact that by this time of the night my brain has flipped its switch to the off position.

Yesterday we took the girls to watch the Packer practice.  I took over 100 pictures, which may seem like a lot.  However many of these pictures don’t turn out to my liking so I end up deleting them and suddenly over 100 pictures become 50-75 pictures.  I ended up capturing some of the action and I will share a few of my favorites before falling over out of my chair as I pass out from exhaustion.

At the beginning of practice someone came by handing out Aaron fans.  All in all popsicle sticks with a cutout of Aaron Rodgers face on them.  After a while with the fans Cassie looks at Andy and says, “is this suppose to be one of the players or something?”  I just about burst trying not to laugh.  Also looking around to see who had taken notice to a child that didn’t know who Aaron Rodgers was.  Hey…she isn’t into football.  At least not yet.

To make a long story short, there were a lot of coaches and water-boys in the way of my pictures, or even off to the side of my pictures.  Obviously they don’t know to stay out of my photos.  I do think that I should have been able to go in the “Media Area”.  I have a nice camera.  Though I did see one guy with a camera that made me drool.  The lens on that thing was huge (that’s what she said).  I pointed it out to Andy and told him “I want that!”  He just shook his head, but I’m sure he added it to my wish list in his head.  I’m looking forward to Christmas.

So…to more pictures.

AJ Hawk and Nick Barnett.  Cassie kept track of Hawk almost the entire practice.  Not because he is necessarily her favorite player, but because she has a jersey with his number on it. She is girlie like that.

Patrick Williams….he was a rookie last year and though I don’t know how he plays, I can say that he hit the red Weeble very hard.

This picture makes me think that the Packers should also go into business as movers.  They seem very strong.  They could call themselves the Moving Packers or something.  Sorry, I couldn’t come up with anything clever there.  Brain in off mode.

And lastly, for tonight, I’m sharing this picture because all of my life I’ve been lied to.  I’ve been told that ‘Weebles Wobble, but they don’t fall down’.  It was all a lie though.  I personally watched these Weebles get hit and they stayed down.  They fell….and didn’t wobble much at all.  It almost made me want to go out and draw little sad faces on all of them with sharpie.  Or at least make silly knocked out faces on them.  Either way, I feel cheated.

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One Response to A promise is a promise

  1. Papa Bear says:

    Haha. That’s cool that you live close enough to take your kids to something like this. I live nowhere near the Chicago Bears training camp, but I have one daughter that would be stuttering, jumping up and down, and probably in tears if I ever had the chance to take her. I am not a Bears fan (Go Colts!!) but she is.

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