Hint: Metal

Things have been a little crazy here lately.  We are winding down to the beginning of school.  (exactly 2 weeks from today) I also am having a rummage sale starting tomorrow (Thursday) through Saturday.  I’m trying to see if there is anything else that I want to add to the sale and trying to figure out where I’m going to put it all.  I have way more stuff then I have tables.

Tonight I was talking with the girls while trying to get a few things done (things I should still be doing, but instead am writing this post)  We were talking about heights of people and well…here is the conversation.

Me (to Cassie): I think that Kalli will be taller then you
Cassie: I think not. (don’t ask…she has been talking like this every now and then now. I don’t get it either.)
Me: Well, she is almost as tall as you now and she is only 6.
Cassie: And I’m almost as tall as you and I’m only 9.

Point taken.
I think this may be one of those, “out of the mouth of babes” cases.  Either that or my daughter is a smart alec.  Maybe a little of both even.

A couple weeks ago I was on the floor with the girls and moved my leg.  This was met with severe pain in my foot, like something had just jabbed into the outside of my foot.  I looked at my foot and saw broken skin.  I looked all over the ground where the pain happened to find the culprit finding nothing.

Fast forward to this past weekend.  I was walking around with my ankle brace on because, yes, BPAP is in session again.  My ankle hates me.  It goes from being fine for a few weeks to hurting just thinking about moving it for a week or two and then back to being fine again.   Pain and me are becoming close friends.  In reality, I think that my ankle is just very weak from being rolled so many times, with the last one that ended up with me getting stitches in my knee, that it is just a wimp now and can’t handle day to day things without whining.  Pansie!

I digress (I’m good at getting off topic…I’m thinking about majoring in it one day).  Last weekend the outside of my foot really started to bother me.  Every time I took a step I was greeted with a pinching feeling.  Now I’m not positive if maybe Smurfs decided it would be fun to ride on my flip-flop and pinch me (or bite me) whenever I stepped down.  Perhaps I was stepping on Jokey’s toe.  All I knew is that it didn’t feel pleasant.

We were on our way to my parents’ house so once there, I took off my brace and checked things out.  I was met with a black dot, the size of a medium nail head.  I know, interesting, eh?

I then did the only thing that I could think of to do.  I asked my daddy to fix it.  (HI DADDY!)

My dad is the only person that I fully trust to come near me with a needle.  At least while conscious…during surgeries I didn’t really care.  My dad has taken out more slivers then I can count and he is skilled.  So, he set to his slowly breaking the skin a little at a time.  I sat on a bed with my leg in a somewhat unnatural position and my dad sat on a chair with a bright light and a needle.  (Side note: While typing this I thought that maybe for Father’s Day, I should get my dad a miners’ hat.  We wouldn’t have to find a nice bright light and it would make it easy for him to focus where he wanted the light.  Hmm…  It is a thought.)

After some intense pain and muffled groans on my part, he removed something from my foot that left me confused.  Enthralled??  Yeah, me too.

A piece of metal.  We know this from the fact that it stuck to the end of the magnetized needle.  It was pretty big and I don’t know if you can tell in this picture, but it was somewhat wedged…not sure if that is the right word.  It looked a little bit like how you would draw a Christmas tree, meaning that it would go in and then get stuck on one of the edges.  Here is a little better picture.

I have no idea what it is or was, but it was painful and I’m glad it is out of me.  I do wish that I could figure out what it was though.  I don’t want it to happen again.

Lastly, in my last post I meant to mention this, but didn’t for some reason.  It was my cousin’s birthday.  At my past site, I posted birthday wishes on family and friends birthdays.  I want to continue that here.  At least when my brain is turned on and working.  So….here is a belated, but happy wish just the same.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT!!

Now to get back to rummage stuff.  I have signs to make, it is after 11:00, and I’ll have to get up early to set up and such.  Here’s to hoping for good weather and to maybe making a little money.

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