Obviously I am behind on things.  I didn’t post for quite a few days.  That is why, when brought to my attention today, I blame being behind and tiredness.  You see, I made an oops.  I large boo-boo.  I forgot to mention someone’s birthday.

And, of course, it wasn’t just anyone.  It was the one person that brought me into this world.  Literally.  And the person that may or may not be able to take me out of this world.  I’m still trying to figure out if that part is real or just a threat given to young children who grow up to be anxious and worried adults.

I forgot to mention my mommy’s birthday. (imagine my head hanging very low, staring at the ground while kicking at small pebbles on the ground)  I know.  How could I forget to mention my mom’s birthday?

Let’s just all look down on me, shake our heads, and throw tomatoes.  What can I say?  I wasn’t lying when I said that I’m tired.

So…without further ado.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!  I love you….even when I’m a bum and forget to mention your birthday.

To make you smile, I took a priceless picture.  Cassie did this and it made Andy and I crack up laughing.  I grabbed my camera and here you go.

When life gets too serious or you just need to smile or laugh…. look to children to cheer you up.  Or maybe that is just my children.

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