T minus 6 days

We are in the final week before school starts.  The countdown is at 6 days and my girls are overly excited.  I’m not sure what I did right to make my girls love school, but I’m hoping that it sticks.  Being able to hear them cheer about school is better then hearing kids grumble and complain about it.

Don’t get me wrong…homework still brings grumbles from Cassie, but that is because most of the homework is math and math is her weak subject.  I keep reminding her that everyone has something that they need to work on and that sometimes the something we need to work on changes.  I have yet to find a cure for the grumbles or the crying that sometimes follows the grumbles when she deems that she can’t do it.  I’ll work on it more this year.

We are keeping this last week of summer fun and getting the most out of our days.  Monday was actually a quiet day and the girls spent time making their own fun.  I had Brady and spent the day enjoying him.

Tuesday we headed to our local amusement park, Bay Beach, for a couple hours of fun and then had a few snacks in place of a decent lunch. (sometimes you have to give up on the nutrition in lue of yummy, not so healthy snacks)

Wednesday we met up for lunch with Becky and went out.  After pretty much an entire summer of lunches in the park (saving money) we headed to an actual restaurant this time.  Everyone ate well and we shared meals so that we got a little bit of all our favorites.  We then brought Becky back to work and hung out at the library for about an hour.  While the girls played, I picked out books for them to bring with to Becky’s cottage this weekend.

Today, Thursday, we did some shopping this morning.  We were out of garbage bags and needed food.  Two things that are high up on our list of gotta gets.  My buddy, Brady is with me again and I spent time playing with him before he started to rub his little eyes and tug at his ears.  This afternoon I have an appointment which, I know, sounds thrilling.

Tomorrow, Friday, will be the most exciting day of the week for the girls.  I am braving the masses and taking the girls to Chuck E Cheese to eat and play.  I’ve invited one of Cassie’s friends and this will be our end of the summer blow out.

For me, the greatest part of the end of this summer will be this coming weekend when we head up to Becky’s cottage and get to relax for 4 days.  We have nothing that has to be done and if we want, we could just sit around staring at the water for the entire 4 days.  Though I’m sure the kids would argue that.  They are a little more about doing things.

Either way, it is a good way to end summer vacation.  And you know I’ll be coming back with stories and pictures for you.

Also…stay tuned.  Tomorrow I am going to post about the bountiful harvests from my garden and perhaps something that is actually exciting.

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