Back to our program, already in progress

So much that I could post about, yet so little time to actually write a post up.  Something about it getting late…especially for a person that has to get up early and hates mornings.  Yeah, that would be me.

Today I was up at 6:45 and I didn’t push snooze.  It was a good start.  I wish I could do it every day without feeling like I was dragging myself through the morning.  However, I’ve never been a morning person and I’ve come to accept that I never will be.  I also need more sleep then the average person.  Meaning that if I try to only sleep 6-8 hours or less, I cannot function, I am not a pleasant person what-so-ever, and I get to the point where I’m almost afraid to be around other people for fear of biting someone’s head off.

There, it is out now, I’m not a morning person and I need a lot of sleep.  It is my biggest ‘quirk’.  Though I’m not sure if quirk is the right word.  It is one of the things I wish I could change, but will never be able to.  I’d love to be one of those people that can get up before the kids, get something done, have coffee and enjoy the quiet mornings.  Instead, the kids can get their own cereal now, I’d rather stay up late to get things done, coffee is nasty and bitter (at least to me), and nights can be quiet too.  Rather then fight my quirk, I embrace it and try to get people to understand.  Just don’t ask me to explain it before noon or I get very touchy.

There are so many things I want to talk about.  Our last outing of the summer, our weekend at Becky’s cottage, and the first day of school.

I’ll catch up on other stuff tomorrow, hopefully.  But for tonight I’ll talk about the first day of school.

Awww…  My bay-bees!

Every year, on the first day of school, I drop the girls off and pick them up from school.

After dropping them off and watching them head into the school, I go to breakfast with my mom.  It is tradition.  She started it with  my grandma when I was the kiddo heading into the school, and now I am continuing it with my mom.  I hope someday that I will be doing breakfasts with Cassie and/or Kalli as they see their kiddos off.

Cassie smiling nice for me

I pick them  up at the end of the day so that I can hear how their days went.  And fortunately, both the girls had wonderful first days and were looking forward going back.  This is better then last year when Kalli just cried about how much she missed me.

Why, yes…it is hard to get a picture of Kalli without her “posing”

However, this morning (day 2) Kalli wanted to go to school an hour before school was going to start.  When I didn’t okay this idea she got a little whiny.  I dropped them off again today because I had done some work last night for the school librarian and needed to drop it off.  Kalli lost it for a little bit before I left and was missing me, but we had a talk about how it was going to be like the first day was….happy, fun, and I’d see her after school.

Tomorrow I am bringing the girls again to school because I’m volunteering in the library for the day, but starting next week they go to riding the bus.  I’m just hoping that Kalli’s anxieties don’t come to head when we make the switch to bus.  I can hope.

Finally, a nice unposed picture.  Of course now it doesn’t seem very Kalli-istic

4-year kindergarten: She spent almost every day of the school year crying and missing me.  Luckily they were half days.  At one point I came to pick her up and her eyes were so bruised and swollen from her crying it made me feel awful.  But what could I do?
Kindergarten: It was months before she stopped missing me throughout the day.  She’d cry at some point during the day during those months.  I even started drawing a heart on her wrist to remind her that I was thinking of her and that as the heart faded, it meant she was closer to coming home.  By the end of the year she was a pro and didn’t need any crutch to get her through the day.
First Grade: It is still up in the air.  I’m hoping that we’ve moved past the separation anxiety, but I’m kinda doubting it.  I think we will still struggle some, but hopefully less then last year.  Maybe by the time she gets to college she will be able to go without crying at all.  Though, I don’t expect her to go away to college.

Cassie is VERY happy about the first day back

As for me….I volunteered the first day of school and will be going back to volunteer tomorrow again.  I’m enjoying being back in school too.

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