Sick to Mushy in 600 words

We shall work our way backwards through time in this post.  Try to keep up.

Today I took care of my favorite little boy.  When Becky dropped him off this morning she warned me that last night was a rough night.  Well, that is putting it mildly, but that would be a story for Becky to blog about. (hint hint)  I’d give Becky a hard time about it, but she is so exhausted that I’m afraid that she may fall over asleep at any moment.

Back to Brady though.  He is teething.  He is sick.  He is miserable.

Today we spent most of the day hunkered down on the couch cuddling.  He didn’t want to play or be put down for that matter.  Snuggles, hugs, kisses, and love is all he wanted.  Luckily, those are things I’m good at.  They are on my resume.

Nothing got done around the house, but I did an awesome job taking care of a sick peanut.  The only playing we did was our game of grunts.  Here is how it goes…Brady looks at me and grunts.  I grunt back.  He then grunts again and waits for my response.  It’s cute, something we do almost every time I have him, and even though he wasn’t up to par today, it was something we still did.

Tomorrow I’m going to post about 2 weeks ago and our final summer extravaganza before school started.  I was going to include it here, but it is getting late, my hubby is sleeping on the couch, and I’m volunteering tomorrow at school all day.  I need sleep.

Now, my friends, we are going to delve back in history.  We are going back 10 years.  Back to September 9, 2000.  It was the day that led me to where I am today.  A day that ranks up there with the best days of my life.  I didn’t know it then, but that day is the day that I married my soul mate.

Ten years ago I walked down the aisle into the arms of ‘My Andy’ and it is a place that I never want to leave.  We’ve been through so much.  Illnesses and surgeries for almost everyone in our little family, financial problems, family issues, and children with all the stresses and exhaustion that come with them.  We have overcome them all and I feel like with Andy by my side, I could overcome anything.  He is my stone and I am his.  We just work together.  Even as we’ve seen recently a couple marriages crumble, we are beating those odds.  We still love each other and, as I keep these two things separate, we still like each other too.

In these first ten years we’ve accomplished quite a bit.  We’ve never gone to bed mad, we say I love you before we leave each other, we still hold hands when we are out and about, and we communicate.  Every night before going to bed (mostly at the same time) we talk about the day and things to do the next day.  When we do argue, I insist on fighting fair (or trying to at all costs) and in the end someone always says those 2 words, “I’m sorry”.  I can honestly say that I love him more then the day I said ‘I do’.

I want to be that cute, old married couple that you see on the road and know that they are still in love with each other.  Andy assures me that we will be and I believe we will.  So, to be totally mushy (which this post mostly is…sorry) Here is to one decade under our belt and many many more to come.  I LOVE YOU ANDY!

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