The weekend before school started. Up for your viewing pleasure (finally)

The second post for today.  You should be thrilled.  🙂

The last weekend before the girls started school, we spent 4 days at Becky’s cottage.  We spent the time relaxing, playing games and reading.  Though we did venture out on 2 outings in that time.

Cassie has become a little too teenage for me. Here she is listening to her mp3 player with ear buds while playing on her Nintendo DS. All while lounging on the sofa bed.

Kalli was the teacher and read to her class.

Our first outing was one for Becky and I to enjoy on our own.  We headed to a county park that had cliffs which dropped off to shallow, rocky Lake Michigan.  The scene was almost frightening  at first.  I even thought about calling a lawyer to draft up a Will before going close to the edge, but I got over that quickly.  Before I knew it my camera was out and I had taken over 100 pictures.  Over 100 pictures of cliffs, water, and rocks.  I know, it sounds thrilling.  Really the hiking and sights were so gorgeous that I just couldn’t help myself.

Breath taking.

The terrain was a little rough, but it was worth it.  It wouldn’t have been hiking if it was flat ground.  I could have gone on forever hiking and sightseeing.  Just look at some of the pictures.

Tree roots and rocks make hiking more fun

Spray of the waves hitting the rocks.
PS.  Becky and I sat on rocks and got wet when the spray came up a little too close.

The size of some of these cliffs were amazing.

For size comparison…Becky on huge rock/cliff being held up little stick.
You could actually feel the water hitting the underneath of the rock.  It was odd.


The next outing that we did was heading to Peninsula State Park in upper Door County.  We try to make it up there once every summer as the kids love the beach and the beach has a ramp and “walkway” that goes most of the way down to the water that the wheelchair can use.  I love it!

We spent a good part of the day at the beach lounging on the sand and playing in the water.  Fun was had by all and Andy, Cassie, Kalli, and I came home with a little sunburn.  That part…not as much fun.

Cassie playing in the water

Kalli being Kalli.  Lounging in the water

We had a blast and at the end of the day we were all pooped out.  Brady even decided that he would (finally! – after hours of fighting it) take a nap at the beach.

Brady snoozing at the beach

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