Letting go of control

This morning I woke up at 7:40.  I was suppose to be at the girls’ school for a meeting that started at 8:00.  Yeah…  Fun start to the morning.

We hurried up and got ready.  We got to school at 8:10 and I have to say I was impressed with how well we did.  Not that I want to do it again.  It was brutal.

The meeting that we had was Cassie’s IEP (Individualized Education Program) and we (Cassie’s teacher, the special ed teacher, Cassie’s para, the school nurse, and the school counselor) completed everything that needed to be discussed, even with the shortened time.

Tomorrow we have an early appointment, again at 8:00.  I’m just hoping that tomorrow’s morning goes a little smoother.

Tonight I was starting supper and Cassie had finished up her homework and asked to help me.  I was making a Chicken Skillet Pie (think Chicken Pot Pie without bottom crust) and had lots to cut up so I took the assistance.  I taught Cassie how to peel potatoes and dice onions.  She only scrapped her knuckle once with the peeler and needed a bandaid.  The onions, she wasn’t such a fan of.  Her eyes burned so bad that she gave up.

She did, however, help with all the cooking on the stove.  I pulled a chair over so that she could sit between stirring and adding things.  I didn’t want her to get too tired and give up.  She ended up making a pretty good dinner.  I told her that she will be helping me 2-3 times a week now with supper so that she learns how to cook and so that she has something to do to contribute to the family.  She seemed very happy with this.  Of course, it did also get Kalli’s attention and now I have 2 kitchen assistants.  This will either be a good thing or it will make me completely regret inviting the girls into the kitchen.  I will try to remember that I want them to learn and be involved.  Even when I want my kitchen back.  Look at me and my OCD letting go of some of the control.  Oh yeah, I rock.

November is coming up quickly and I’m considering doing NaBloPoMo again this year.  This is held in November every year and is a challenge to every blogger who wants to participate to post every day for an entire month.  It is a challenge, but I’m considering it.  I have done it the past two years and succeeded both times.

I’m now asking for your thoughts.  Should I do NaBloPoMo?

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