Finding my groove again

Take one appointment and talk with DrugGuy, add a small change in my daily meds, and you come out with noticeably changed Paula.

It is amazing how different I feel since Thursday when I saw my DrugGuy.  When I went in to see him I was a teary, “off”, uncaring, slow moving mess.  Now, I’m me again.  It is frustrating sometimes how just a small change can domino into the mess that I was.  I didn’t care about anything other then the fact that my loved ones around me were breathing in and out.  I wasn’t doing any of the things that I normally enjoy doing (ie taking pics).  And I feel as though I was moving slowly through each day.  It is hard to explain, but it was like I was moving frame by frame, moving through water.  I couldn’t think fast and I was just sluggish.

Now…I took pictures this weekend and found myself enjoying the colors and briskness of my favorite season, Fall.  I felt like I could think again and much more….Me.  It feels absolutely fabulous.

In fact, I have 2 of my nieces coming later today to take some pictures.  I also have Brady today and am hoping to get a small photo shoot of him done too.  Baby, I’m back.

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