Leaves! They are everywhere.

Outside, I can understand. They belong out there. However they have somehow made their way into my house and I’m not appreciative of it.

Every day I vacuum 3-4 times to pick up all the crazy leaf pieces. I do, after all have a 10 month old crawling about. I vacuum and about 5 minutes later I find more leaf bits.
At first I thought it was the girls. However, they started appearing when the girls hadn’t been outside.

They were there in the morning when I came down from upstairs. I had vacuumed the night before. I even went as far as asking Andy if he threw pieces in here in the morning before work to mess with me. He said no, but agreed it would have been a good idea if he had thought about it on his own.

And yet here I sit with more leaves in my home and no way to explain it. I’m pretty sure they didn’t grow legs. Perhaps they got the memo about me having OCD and decided to have a little ‘let’s drive Paula insane’ party.

I’ve even checked the girls over when they come in from playing. I’ve checked and double checked the bottom of socks to be sure there are no hitchhikers. My family probably thinks I’m losing it completely, but they don’t see it. Something or someone is playing with my mind and planting leaves in my home.

I’m even considering putting out a reward for anyone that find the culprit.

Am I a little on the eccentric side? Yes, but you would be too if leaves kept showing up in your home.

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