Because I’m a good Momma

Today after school and homework the girls headed outside to play with some of the neighborhood kids.  A bite before dusk, I joined the girls outside and raked some of the leaves from our yard and the neighbor’s yard together.  A few of the kids helped and we soon had a nice large pile formed.  It was at that point that the kids all started jumping around.  I, being the cool mom that I am, then had the girls, a few at a time, lay on the grass and I covered them up with a blanket of leaves.  I finally headed over to visit with the neighbor, leaving the kids to their own devices.  We watched as they threw leaves into the air and at each other.  A blast was had by all involved.

The sun set and those darn mosquitoes made their way out so we all headed inside to watch a little tv and relax before bed.  I spent the time picking leaves out of the girls’ hair.  Cassie’s was the worst because most of her hair was down.  I combed through her hair a small bit at a time and all I could think of was….LEAVES!!

It is the time of the year that dry skin starts making its appearance and the itchiness begins.  I know this first hand.  Last night as the girls were getting ready to head up to bed, I grabbed the lotion and rubbed down the girls,  I massaged their hands and legs with lotion and took time to help them relax some.  I really enjoyed doing something so little that made them feel so good.  It was a small pleasure for all of us.

Tonight they asked for lotion massages again.  Knowing that they get such dry skin and that they enjoyed the night before, I grabbed the lotion again.  As I did their backs, legs and hands they lounged on the floor, melting into little puddles of relaxation.  I see spas in their future.

However, I think that I started a new ritual.  I’m really good at getting myself into these situations.  Good thing I love those girlies.

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