In three days my little brother gets married.  This is a subject for another post, but tonight we had the rehearsal dinner.  The four of us got gussied up and I have to put this out there, my girlies are gorgeous young ladies who also look way older then they should. (at least in my mind)

Cassie’s dress was at my parents’ house so after getting Kalli, Andy and myself dressed we headed over so that I could get Cassie beautified.  As we are walking out of the house, Kalli says to Andy, “Cassie looks beautiful.”  When Andy told me this I thought she was so sweet.

Kalli then told us, “I think Cassie is more beautiful then me.”  I told her that they were both beautiful, but it was nice of her to say.

About 10 minutes later Kalli says something and I didn’t hear it right away.  Andy filled me in and had me smiling ear to ear.  It is one of those things that make me proud to be her momma and yet, shows just how dramatic she can be.

Kalli had said, “Cassie is so beautiful it makes me want to cry.”

Cassie just smiled at all these compliments, soaking it in.  Being the oldest, she doesn’t always get the attention she deserves.  I try, but it doesn’t always end up happening.  Tonight she got to feel and look like a princess.

I, however, am afraid to see how grown up and beautiful she looks for the actual wedding.

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