I live at the park.

My front yard and driveway has become the park of the neighborhood.

Tonight after school Cassie and Kalli were playing in the front yard.  Soon 2 of the usual kids showed up and shortly after that 2 others showed up.  These 2, Kalli’s classmate and her little brother, live around the corner and down the road.  They’ve never been here to play and I didn’t realize they lived so closely.  Somehow, they knew where we live though.  I find myself having several children that know where I live and who I am, yet I couldn’t tell you who they are.  I am Cassie and Kalli’s mom.

When I was younger, I was Karen’s daughter.  Then I became Tony’s sister.  Later I became Andy’s wife and now, I am Cassie and Kalli’s mom.  I feel like I don’t necessarily have my own name at times.  I am whoever you can connect me to.

This use to bother me.  Hi…my name is Paula.  Pau-la!  Sure I am Tony’s sister, Karen’s daughter, Andy’s wife, and the girls’ mom.  However, I am me too.  My own person with things that make me Paula.

Now, though, I don’t mind as much.  I have so many hats that I wear daily and while they are all important, they aren’t everything.  What people think about me isn’t everything.  My family and friends, however, are everything.  Those family and friends know who I am and that I am Paula.

This is all that matters. Though ranking up there high is that all the neighborhood kids know who I am and like hanging out here.  I like to know what is going on and where the kids are at.

To catch up some…here are a couple pictures of the fall colors.  I’m working on a way to share more pictures in a gallery that is easier to work with.  I’ll let you know when I get something in place.

I’m finally enjoying Fall and I’m glad that I got things fixed so that I am able to enjoy the beauty.

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