It’s the most wonderful season of the year!

Days around here have been a little crazy and nights haven’t exactly left me with much free time either.

I keep meaning to sit down and type up a post about my brother’s wedding, but it will have to wait for another time.  Tomorrow??  I can hope.

For tonight, I want to let you know that my children love Fall.  Like me, they enjoy the seasons that aren’t at one extreme or another.  The girls have been spending every morning, before school, and every evening, after school, outside.  They play in the leaves and Kalli rides her bike in circles in the driveway.  The only down fall seems to be the extra leaves that keep ending up in my living room.

Tuesday, after school, Andy and I raked all the leaves in our yard to the curb for pick-up.  The girls have been playing in them since (they are on grass and not in the road, of course).  I’m sure there will be disappointment when they finally get picked up.  Luckily, for the kids…not Andy and I…the HUGE pile of leaves was only half of what was in the trees.  We still have lots of raking to do.

Yes, they are sitting up and up to their shoulders in leaves.  Not shown is how much space is covered in leaves that are this deep.  Let’s just say….ridiculous!

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