Wedding post…finally

This past Sunday was my little brother’s wedding.  To sum it up, it was beautiful and everyone had a very fun time.

Highlight of the night…Cassie caught the bouquet.  Not sure if this is a good sign or bad one.  I’ll say good.  Mostly because she is only 9.  After Cassie caught the bouquet, Kalli cried because she didn’t catch it.

Toss bouquet…the day after.  Looked better the day of wedding.

Uncle Tony stepped in though and danced with Kalli and talked to her.  He then gave her his boutonniere and made her whole night.  I have to say that I’m impressed with my brother.  He knows just what to do to make my girls happy.  They adore him.  And I have a feeling that he adores them as well.

Tony’s Boutonniere – Day after.  Again…looked better day of.

I, however, wasn’t allowed to bring my camera.  Something about not wanting me to be looking through camera viewfinder all night and to enjoy the day.  blah blah blah.

The downfall to this is that I have no pictures of my little family dressed up or anything.  It really frustrates me that we were all dressed up and I have no pictures of it.  The only picture of my girls that I have is this one of Cassie after she had her hair done.  She isn’t even in her dress though.  And I have none of Kalli.  I did cry about this a few times.  Such a momentous occasion and nothing to show for it.

My beautiful young lady.

The girls did a wonderful job during the wedding playing their parts and made me proud.  They also danced the night away and kept me on my feet as well.

And the Bride and Groom…  they had a very gorgeous day and looked happy as the day unfolded.


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