Why am I so tired?

I had a super post for tonight, but as you read this you will understand why you have this and not the super post.  Perhaps tomorrow will be the super post.


Can you stop moving?

No, I cant.  But thank you for asking.

This is a tidbit of the conversation that Andy had with Kalli tonight as she was dancing around the living room while watching tv.  She was so polite about it that it left Andy laughing and not knowing what to say next.


Tonight was exhausting.  Cassie had two worksheets of math she had to do.  Two worksheets that she had “forgot” she had in her backpack until I went through her bag.  Mind you she only gets one worksheet a night so this means that she had “forgotten” two nights that she had homework.

We discussed what her responsibilities are and that it is her “job” to go to school, learn, and do homework to the best of her ability.  I didn’t say it, but dang…she is sucking at her job.  Maybe she is trying to get fired.  Not going to happen.

We sat at the table and we worked on homework for over an hour.  And I’m not exaggerating one bit.  Math is Cassie’s weak area.  Doing Math with Cassie is like pulling teeth.  Math is giving me even more gray hairs and helping Cassie with Math is making my brain turn to mush.  How many more ways can I explain one question?  How many hints can I give without giving her the answer?  And what is this sudden feeling of wanting to scratch my own eyes out as I slam my head against a brick wall?

So again I say…tonight was exhausting.

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