Wherein I share a few of the blogs I read

Two things to share with you tonight before I head to bed.  Again no awesome post due to my loverly children.  Kalli was having trouble getting to sleep.  Andy went up and tried to help with no luck.  Finally I headed up there and crawled into her bed to cuddle with her.  I then sang to her.  I have this thing where I just make up songs that are light and lullaby like.  The girls love them and tonight, after I got out of Kalli’s bed, they asked me to sing them one more.  Fun part is that there is no actual length to my songs.  So I made it a few minutes long and then told the girls to get some sleep and I headed out of the room.  I haven’t heard anything since then so I’m crossing my fingers.

Now for the two things to share.

1. One of the bloggers that I read, Chris Jordan, put up a list of ’16 Things I Have Learned About Being a Mother’.  As I read them I found myself nodding my head as they are so true.  I wanted to pass the list on because it is something moms everywhere have in common and there is some humor to it too.

2. Another blogger that I read, Bossy, put up a picture of a sign and I found it….er…interesting.  I actually was confused a little about where this sign would be found and how someone came up with a reason for this sign.  It is a little amusing, but mostly….interesting.

Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

Hoping I’ll get a content rich post tomorrow.

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