A day with my brother

A few weeks ago my brother and I spent the day together.  We spent time going from landmark to landmark around Green Bay taking pictures.  He has a reason for taking pictures…I was along for the ride and to aid in hopefully getting a good picture.  Along for the ride, was one of Tony’s friends that was in town visiting from California.  I’m sure he thought we were nuts as we went around taking pictures.

I actually took several pictures that I like, but I think the biggest reason I like them is because they are sort of artsy.

The underside of a bridge

The Mecca of Green Bay….Lambeau Field.
I felt like a tourist walking around with a camera.

It was actually a very fun day and I look forward to doing it again because we still have many places to visit.  This could be another thing that Tony and I share an interest in.

Check out some of the other pics that I put up to share on the ‘My Favorite Hobby‘ page.

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